Zapappi's Standard Service Schedule outlines the costs for works undertaken, outside of standard products and pricing. This may include assistance with integration testing, charges for unauthorised support (detailed in our Standard Service Level Agreement).

Charges Per Hour

Service PeriodStandard Rate
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5:30pm (Standard Business Hours)
£75 per hour
Monday - Friday, 5:30pm - 9am (Out of Standard Business Hours)£125 per hour
Weekends£250 per hour
Bank Holidays£500 per hour

Other Charges

Charge TypeStandard Rate
Port Change Request£10.00
Failed Port Charge (Single Line)£10.00
Failed Port Charge (Multi Line)£10.00 per number, up to £50.00
Out of Hours Portemail sales
Number Reactivation Fee - United Kingdom, Geo£10.00 per number
Number Reactivation Fee - United Kingdom, National
£10.00 per number

Note: All prices exclude VAT at the current UK rate.