We can currently port numbers from the following providers:

  • (aq) Limited trading as aql
  • Affiniti Integrated Solutions Ltd
  • aql Wholesale Limited
  • BT
  • Citrus Telecommunications Ltd
  • COLT Technology Services
  • Coms.com Ltd
  • Easynet Enterprise Services Limited
  • Essensys Ltd
  • FleXtel Limited
  • Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd
  • I-net Communications Group Plc
  • I-net Telecoms Ltd (Voipfone)
  • iHub 2 Limited
  • Inclarity Communications Ltd
  • Invoco Ltd
  • Kalnet4u Ltd
  • KCOM Group PLC
  • Level 3 Communications Ltd
  • Level 3 Communications UK Limited
  • Magrathea Telecommunications Limited
  • Metronet (UK) Limited
  • Mintaka Limited
  • Nexbridge Communications Limited
  • Orbtalk Limited
  • Simwood eSMS Limited
  • Spitfire Network Services Ltd
  • Storacall Technology Limited
  • TalkTalk Communications Limited
  • Telecom2 Ltd
  • The Excell Group PLC
  • Tipicall Limited
  • Verizon UK Ltd
  • Virgin Media Business Limited
  • Virgin Media Limited
  • Vodafone Ltd (C&W)
  • Vodafone Ltd (Energis)
  • Vodafone Ltd (Thus)
  • Vodafone UK Ltd
  • Voiceflex Limited
  • VoiceHost Limited
  • Voxbone SA


Is the communications provider not on the list? We can also offer third party porting via BT IP Exchange. Whilst this gives us access to a greater number of communications providers, it does not guarantee a number can be ported.

Does the communications provider host their numbers on BT IP Exchange? Please note that due to technical limitations within BT's platform, non-geographic numbers (starting 03, 05, 08) hosted on BT IP Exchange cannot be ported into Zapappi at this time. We are working to resolve this, and will update this page in due course.

Industry Lead times


  • Single Line Geographic Import - 4 to 13 working days
  • Multi Line Geographic Import - 7 to 25 working days
  • Simple DDI - 10 to 23 working days
  • Complex DDI - 22 to 25 working days
  • Non-Geographic Import  - 15+ working days
  • International (non-uk)  - Varies between countries

Line Types

  • Single Line Geographic - A single telephone number beginning 01 or 02, that is not part of a DDI range, is not the main billing number for a DDI range, and is not part of a multi-line.
  • Multi Line Geographic - Multiple lines on one or more telephone numbers, including WLR analogue Multi-Line and single-number ISDN.
  • Simple DDI - Multiple digital lines (ISDN/T1/E1/SS7) on one or more telephone numbers, consisting of a main billing number. It can contain a whole block of DDI's (minimum 10, multiple of 10) and/or have SNDDIs on the circuit.
  • Complex DDI - Multiple digital lines (ISDN/T1/E1/SS7), consisting of part of a block of DDI's, and a main billing number. Note: All DDI's attached to the circuit must be included on porting document, and intention given as to which numbers to port. Any numbers not ported will be handed back to the RH.
  • Single Line Non Geographic - A single telephone number that is non geographic, is not part of a DDI range, is not the main billing number for a DDI range, and is not part of a multi-line or Feature Line.
  • Multi Line Non Geographic - Multiple non geographic telephone numbers, consisting of an original and whole block of DDI's (minimum 10), and a main billing number.
  • International - Telephone numbers from countries outside the UK (+44).


General porting costs are outlined in your price lists. However, charges for things such as change requests can be found in the Standard Service Schedule.